Kaiju Autographed Limited Edition Collectors Alternate Cover Digipak CD


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12 Track Album

Designed By: Ral Duke

Featuring DMX, MF Doom, Hus Kingpin, Kool Keith & Born Sun

Produced By BodyBag Ben

1. Curmudgeon
2. Entameta (Remix) (feat. DMX)
3. Hydra
4. Live Action Role Play
5. Travis Scott Concert (feat. Born Sun x BodyBag Ben)
6. Animal Husbandry
7. Covid Santa
8. Kaiju Karaoke
9. The Long Road
10. Verzuz

11. Chase (feat. MF DOOM, Kool Keith & Justin Tyme)
12. Desperados Pt. 2 (feat. Hus Kingpin)


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Out of stock